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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-08 at 11:00PM UTC

basically i have the full size iso and the truncated iso. i click “make a patch”, choose the small iso first, then the big one, then just choose where you want the patch file to be saved. it takes a little while because it has to make a hash file of the first iso, then compare it to the second, creating a 145 mb file of the missing data as it goes. for some reason it stays at a small size like 256 kb or something for a while, then after the loading bar is full it starts adding megabytes at a time.

now if they make the dash update and you need to reburn your disc, just use imgburn to make another truncated iso from the old disc, click on “patch a file”, choose the small iso and choose the patch. this will create another iso that was exactly how it was before you burned it the first time. that way you can run it thru abgx and update the ap2.5 ss, and burn it again. hopefully sometime we will have larger discs.