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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-04 at 11:05PM UTC

i just tried it and i got the title update. still booting with no problems. even if they change the ap2.5 challenges with a title update, the topology data has all the same responses that an original disc would, so they cannot disable the backups without disabling originals. now since this game isn’t out yet, it seems like that could be something that they would do, but as mentioned it still worked fine for me.

in case anyone else wants to try and doesn’t want to get flagged online, here’s what i did. i loaded the game and when it asked me to do the title update, i ejected the disc. then i took the update. then after updating it said “game could not start” because there was no disc of course. then i disconnected my ethernet and booted the disc. that way if i got a flag i could always just reflash my nand and the flag would never be seen by MS servers.

oh yeah… what is “the matrix”??? it’d help if we were able to see what you were talking about as a reference point.