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bhand # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 06:31AM UTC

Well jethrotull, you honestly don’t get it simply because you live in Wonderland, (I really intend no offence at all here).
In my case only in my particular case, I own originals in an 80 % rate if not a bit more.
The reason why I have gone to the extent of buying a particular custom burner, rip my own games, and spend money in a Liteon drive to be able to burn Xgd3 games etc, it is because I DO NOT live in wonderland.

I will try to explain: My first attempt to enter in the world of burning my own backups started just a few days ago.
(Yes I am a NEWB). I have said in other threads, that despite of my efforts I cannot get any Verbatim’s AT ALL, Why ? , because in this country for some reason they are not hot at all and although many places advertise the VErbs, they all come with “not available ATM” answer.

So, the best I could do was get MEMOREX which by the way cost (here that is) the same as verbs or perhaps 2 cents less.

What’s the urge then? Well, we now come to the wonderland part.

In countries Like the US, Canada, and many others, we all know that getting a refund it’s quite simple. That getting your whatever thing “replaced” it’s a piece of cake, that Fedex works flawlessly, That when you go to BestBuy and buy a game and for whatever reason your console gives you error reading disc, all you have to do is to go back to the store and they will give you another disc with no problem.

That among other things, reflect my “wonderland” concept. Here in this country, you spend a lifetime begging some moron to change the disc even the same day of purchase with no luck anyway, You can hardly get the media you want and to be precise, when you mention “extra 50 cents per disk”, I could only laugh because the difference between the media I have been using before the Xgd3 and the Verbs is in the amount of 4.33 US dollars per disk. so, to give you an idea I have to pay 43.30 US dollars for a 10 pack of verbs which I don’t mind doing it if only they were available.

I have also tried the “wonders of internet buying and shipping but that is another sad story.

So, I hope this time you honestly get it and understand that things are not always as simple and “logical” as we get them, there still are some places on earth whose governments love to show off third-world living standards but that is not the true.
I live in a place where when trying to get a downloadable content for some games I get the “this content is not available for your region”, in a country where it cos’ts me a lot more Microsoft points to download a content that you probably got for half the points, (same content from Microsoft and for the same game) why ? I don’t understand.

I can only Imagine what Netflix might be like because for some reason we don’t have it “available” so, same thing happened with the Verb’s. They are simply not Available.
Best regards.