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Mclane # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 12:45PM UTC


I’m in the UK, its NOT wonderland, its just normality, we are sorry you live in an awkward area but its really not our fault :)

One thing I should point out is that for 99% of us never need a replacement disk, I have many many originals on a lot of retro consoles, hell even some genuine media from 1982 that is still going and not had bit rot. The reason for this is I look after my media, I never lend the media to others, my daughter has been taught how to handle it and now at 11 she has an understanding of value so takes great care of the games she buys.

I can honestly say that apart from a 2nd hand purchase from game that I inspected properly just outside the shop, that I’ve never had to ask for a replacement or buy a 2nd copy. The 2 biggest white lies of the scene are :

1. My kids damage the original disks

2. I buy all my games but like to back them up.

In almost every case (I’m not saying you) it boils down to the simple truth that these people are merely afraid to admit that they actually only own copies but can’t get to grips with the numerous updates etc.

I never let my daughter simply handle the games when she was very young, yes they will damage games by accident and its also poor parenting in my book.

The bottom line is that if people want games there are thousands of outlets that will send, if the place has a road and a delivery system then unless you live in the middle of a Mexican drug area or some of the serious ghetto’s then there’s no reason a delivery guy (or girl) will not turn up. In my book its very rare for people to end up in a forum which has descriptions of copying methods unless they want to download and burn the games for that reason alone.

This ISN’T a go at you and I feel sorry you seem unable to get verbatims but for reliability they are the required disk, unless you wish to tinker around with multiple versions of media and hope you find one that has a reasonable success rate, you simply must remember that what C4eva has done is make the firmware / writer write more data to the disk, cheap / other untested media may not support this reliably, its just hard luck.

I wish you the best in your search..