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jethrotull # Posted on 2011-11-07 at 01:08AM UTC

Maybe I should use less words next time as others seem to get confused, but that was the whole, entire point of my previous post(s). If you’re going to the apparent huge trouble of getting all the other supplies shipped in, why would you cheap out on your media? If wherever you live isn’t wonderland (whatever the hell that is) then order them online unless you’re just being cheap. If the stores carry Memorex maybe you could talk them into ordering Verbatim. C4eva offers the service and people complain that it takes extra effort to get these backups working. How about the PS3 scene where up until recently if the game was released after July you couldn’t play it at all without updating and crippling your custom firmware. Be glad the xbox scene is so well taken care of and M$ is too stupid to figure out how to stop it.