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bubbafett4hire # Posted on 2011-11-08 at 01:38PM UTC

I am going to jump in here and say that both Verbs and Memorex have a good side and bad. I recently burned Skyrim onto a Memorex disc and a Verb….both burned and verified just fine with regards to imgburn but when it came to game time my Memorex played fine however the Verb crashed the game at the same spot every time. When trying to install the Verb copy to the HDD it got to 48% and failed the install even though it was a Verb and verified after the burn , however the Memorex was fine for the install and the Verb that didn’t work right , still can be used by my wife as the key so to speak.

If Memorex is a such a cheap media and I have no doubt that it is, then why have I seen more Verbs split in half then I have Memorex…yes the two layers separated and if you put the them together you’d have a whole disc.

Personally if going on XBL use the genuine deal , offline use what works but regardless Memorex may be a cheap media that you may get some coasters out of it but that holds true for Verbs and other media as well.