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Bloody # Posted on 2011-11-08 at 03:54PM UTC

i used my last few memorex’s to burn a few xgd3 before i went to verbs… i dont know why u guys are over her baggin on memorex when i had a few verbs is giving off awful readings just as bad as the cheap media…. i had spikes go all the way up to 300 with the same options i used in memorex’s… Follow the guide lines they didnt have time to test all media they went directly for verbs that is why verbs is so highly used exact reason they use kprobe tool to see how good the burn came out and the only reason why u even need to know the quality of the burn is because 1. if your drive is dying its gonna give you errors 2. over time with cheap disc the outer layer toward the edge quality start to fade… those are the only 2 main reasons…. if you play online using verbs u gonna be in for a hell of a ride reburning every game everytime MS decides to change the dae table for AP 2.5/2.6 …. im not taking up for cheap media but some people really cant afford it or its not avaiable in there immediate area…. UBERGEEK himself who posted the test, in that post he had many people try different media alot of them were successful and ubergeek the main one who ragging on shitty media had nothing to see when people test were showing great results while u see tons of verb fails…. i wonder why c4 himself never said use this test in none of his post ubergeek did… many people show that the test is inconsistent 2