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Bloody # Posted on 2011-11-08 at 06:12PM UTC

that’s one hell of an analogy there is a difference its more like buying store brand food compared to higher grade food… it does the same shit right, might taste different but they have the same purpose yes they always been cheap media the only point im giving is that its usable to a degree verbatims is superior yes in quality but if u go threw the team xecuter forums my good man you can see some people coaster-ed all 50 verbatims they had trying to get this shit to work with no avail.. and then u got companies ripping of verbs name and selling CHEAP media under they name that doesnt work so not only do u got to use verbs mmk003 because they seem to work best you also need to know if there from Singapore to be authentic.. oh yeah a bunch of people complained about those verbs that are being sold on amazon for 50 dollars… regardless c4 did say use verbs, im going to use them but for anyone who is less fortunate just run kprobe tool for good burn results its way better than u truncating the disc by far…