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Bloody # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 07:35AM UTC

yea same here for memorex with Ritek SO4-66 media id… im using Lite-on Ihas 124B .i backed up the original eeprom flashed it with ixtreme burner max then used mediacode speed edit replaced the what was in RITEK S04-66 to 2.4x saved it… used the same flash utility that is given.. but use the one that says iHAS-124B-AL0S-MKM001MKM003-final_speedpatched or something similar to that if your model is different flash and presto…. burn at 2.4x opc off Turn on Force hypertuning, Online hypertuning, SmartBurn …. Leave overburn disabled and then burn i have had 2 coasters playing with settings but other than that smooth sailing with memorex

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