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Mclane # Posted on 2011-11-04 at 02:06PM UTC

@Twisted, got to agree with what you said, if any other media would have worked reliably HE WOULD HAVE SAID. What a lot of people are thinking is that the other media they used used to be 100%, they didn’t have a problem with it, I myself used Mirror disks at one time and they are as cheap as you can get, only had one fail BUT we have to remember that the media used NOW must be able to burn more on the disc, it may not be much but it needs a reliable media to do it to save countless poor and faulty burns.

The old media you used is most likely not up to this or may be unpredictable so C4eva chose Verbatims, the known good disc on the 360, he did it for that reason…

Unless you have been lucky to find a brand with a high success rate on YOUR burner and liked by YOUR 360 laser then your best bet is to stick to what the mighty C4eva said unless you think your knowledge and IQ beats his?

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