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Ucla # Posted on 2011-12-04 at 01:07AM UTC

Yeah but, that license agreement is M$’ make believe version to avoid the law. It’s like a dairy farmer claiming you are buying the gallon but we own the cow and you can only drink the milk at certain times. This has been challenged as far as dvds and music goes which allows you to make a copy. Thats the same principal. The issue is no one on either side of the debate has yet to actually challenge this. M$ can use whatever make believe term they want according to what they calm their games but, laws like the digital millennium copy right act are created to protect the company and at the same time give rights to the consumer so the company doesn’t limit something you legally own. Imo this is the same as when Apple challenged the law and lost over iphone unlocking/jail breaking. Even though Apple lost they will never admit you are allowed to and will always try to re-lock their device.