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Mclane # Posted on 2011-09-25 at 03:23PM UTC

No disrespect but advertising about creating backups wasn’t your finest plan, did you not think it would attract interest?

The people who have flashed my machine never ever offered me copies, talked about copies or offered links, that’s the way people should be. As for the modifying side, I think you would be hard pressed to actually get into serious trouble for that alone, yes MS will rightly warn you and put the frighteners on you but in real life I doubt they are interested in the modders, they want the suppliers, the factories that make console mods for playing disc, another words the big boys. The will though give people supplying games a good working over which is why in this day and age if you offer copies then you pretty much deserve to get a slap from them.

As for your story, I’ll trump it a little, this next bit is actually 100% true.

Back in the late 70′s one person I was going to become a friend of was the first person in the UK ever to be taken to court for computer piracy, he was taken to court for selling cartridge images on disk that worked without the cartridge. This was in the day before the term software piracy, this was in the day of the first home computers. The silly sod was advertising in a selling paper called Exchange and Mart, a very well know mag to buy 2nd hand goods at the time. Atari UK found out about his advert and went around and purchased some disks, he was then arrested and was taken to the high court in London.

Atari settled out of court (the computer legalities were not around then) and he was made to sign a statement saying he would never do that again, he also had quite large costs against him.

The true twist in this story is that the roms on disk were coming from insiders in Atari Slough themselves…

I think one of the games was Ms Pacman…

All 100% true…

Moral here, don’t be daft and advertise & don’t do that sort of stuff if you don’t want to be caught..

Its a fools game, like me, keep well clear…Enjoy the games whatever way people get them but don’t make money out of it & expect to get away with it…