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ghostbugg # Posted on 2011-12-29 at 11:06PM UTC

I havent tried an extensive collection yet. but i have treid 2 non patched games that worked, and 2 patched games that didnt work. I will try several more later to confirm that this is indeed what is happening or not. I always use verbatim discs and thats all i have tried so far. the patches came from they are .bin files and i am using the universal topology files for each game. Im using xbox backup creator, nwest version, to patch the iso’s before burning. then i burn them with imgburn at 2.4x with an ihas drive with lt max firmware.

I will do more testing on the games to confirm whether or not this is exactly what is happening or if there is something else going on. I will let you nkow what ifind out when im done. Also, jsut so i am clear, I am in no way stating that this process is wrong or that anything stated by c4e is incorrect. I have been using his firmware and methods for a long time now and would never question whether they work or not. Im sure that im doing something wrong here, i just need to figure out what it is. thank you.