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ghostbugg # Posted on 2011-12-30 at 05:09PM UTC

fatal: while there is a remote possibility that the hitachi drive is not what originally came with this xbox, as I am not the original owner, I imagine it is unlikely as the manufacturing date on the case is 12/3/2005. however I will look in to that as a possible option for my problem. thank you for the advice.

photoposite: I basically followed the tutorial in the jungleflasher 1.4.4 pdf file. I am using a connectivity kit to get the hitachi in to mode B(easiest option as all you have to do is press the mode b button and it does it for you). the only problem I ran in to is that I am using a via 6421 sata card and I couldnt get the hitachi to show up in windows while using it, even when the drivers were installed. Once i switched to a sata port on my motherboard everything went exactly as it should go. until of course i ran into my current problem. to be honest i think it would be more beneficial to you if you tell us what you have done so far and we can go from there. what equipment are you using to hook up to your computer? what software are you using to actually flash the drive? what have you done as far as burning the backups? even a post of the guides you have used would be good.