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Ucla # Posted on 2013-03-04 at 10:13PM UTC

I bought an I-has way back when Burner Max launched so I haven’t really been following the follow up cross flash and bm payload tool info. However, I have the same drive as you as my second and haven’t found any info stating its supported. In fact I have found that it is NOT supported. I may be wrong and if I am I’ll apologize in advance. Again I have an Ihas so I haven’t put much effort into searching for the info on my LG drive as I don’t need it.

As far as your error is concerned with my Ihas I have never had luck with burning at 4x even while using Verbs. I have used Windata, Memorex verbs etc all with minimal issues but only when burning at 2.4x. Anytime I use 4x the burn itself fails or the verify fails. If you can in fact write BM to that drive I would recommend downloading media speed edit to spoof your disc ID so it will allow that media to record at 2.4 since according to your log 2.4 isn’t supported. Other then that many other factors can contribute to a bad burn. If you are running a lot of tasks CPU or Hard drive Bottleneck can cause write issues. If you have a lower-mid end pc make sure you aren’t running any other tasks while you write to disks. One quick fix is if you have more then one hard drive put your rom file on your non-boot drive and burn from that location. Before xgd3 I was able to burn 3 at a time with no issue using 3 media drives and 3 files on separate hard drives and I have a 6 core cpu with 8gb ram.

Also some have never had an issue with 4x so maybe try to burn again making sure no other tasks are running. Sometimes it’s nothing more then a shitty disc.Doesn’t usually happen with verbs but, no brand has a 100% success rate.