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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 12:53PM UTC

u open new post to ask a question thats been answered. do u not see the post i made the day of the update? there has been a answer to ur question for years and im sure u know the answer by now. u want someone to tell u its ok not to flash back to stock. if ur not going to listen to the answers then why ask? this has always been the same. all these noobs saying the only reason we flashed back was on dash 13146 cause it was flashing the drive to stock. well that is partly true but we have always said flash to stock prior to any system update. and c4evas reponse was slims locked liteons are the only drive safe to update without flashing to stock . opening new post for answers that r already in other post is stupid and makes it hard for people to get the info they it gets cluttered . u must have been to lazy to look before u posted well i answered u ne way and im sure u will still be asking the question as it dosent seem u like the answer u have been told no way u googled this or went to any other site including this one without some one telling u this same answer . sorry if i sound harsh but try and spend time each day helping people but when people r still asking questions that there is a post with the answer or starting new post about info already here it bugs me
no disrespect inttended .