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Will.Arnett # Posted on 2013-02-07 at 11:12AM UTC

I know I made my bed so lie in it, so no reason stating the obvious. I had a mistress for 2 years and she called and told my wife when I finally told her I would never leave my wife for her. My wife and I stayed together and trying to work it out. Now the mistress is threatening to give some info that she held back like my mistress and I having sex in our marital bed and our sexual activities which I feel is embarrasing. I think the wife may try to forgive, only because she kind of has low self esteem, but not entirely sure what she will do. My question is what do I do with my X mistress go back to her to keep her quiet?

I have been with her 2 years she knows where I live and work and contacting my wife twice to disclose information is not a crime.

She is blackmailing for us to get back together not for money. The additional info she has is damning and embarrassing. It includes a video I made of myself.

Wow. A lot of this makes me feel sorry for the X mistress. She is hurting too. I realize I did string her along with pretenses of me leaving my wife. I really thought I would, but changed my mind.