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Ucla # Posted on 2012-05-03 at 06:53AM UTC

Ig you go online you are playing Russian roulette. Cfw might currently be safe but, if you play an unverified game play a game prior to release or anything else maybe even if not online you could get the hammer. You just have to be cautious and even then there is never a guarantee. Sometimes people get away with doing stupid things for a long time others it only takes one mistake. It’s still very unclear what info triggers it besides the obvious ones like a failed challenge playing online before street date etc. A long time ago rumor was if you never took a pre street online you would be fine. That turned out to be false and it was thought maybe the info is stored via achievements or something coded into the hardware. Bottom line if m$ decided to hit the ban hammer its gonna happen and most likely you made a mistake a long time ago that will screw you. To my knowledge there hasn’t been a huge ban wave in a couple years since modern Warfare two I think but, it could happen anytime.

If you are really that concerned about it use your modded as an offline only and have a legit for online. Or play your modded till banned then buy a legit from there. Since you can’t mod yours yet anyways keep that legit and buy an already banned for cheap off Craigslist or a second hand store and mod that. Problem solved.