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MickJTAGger # Posted on 2012-01-09 at 10:46AM UTC

Well, really only c4eva knows when the 5S 1175 custom firmware will come out. Can’t rush genius! :D As for what you’ll need. It’s a safe bet you’ll need the x360usb pro to connect the drive to your computer (unless you’ve got a compatible via chipset, and even those can be buggy/unreliable.) Also, the ck3i makes working on the drive hella easy compared to using the xbox 360 as a power source. Other than those two pieces of hardware (which you’ll have to order online) that’s all for now. Until the drive is officially hacked, though, there’s no telling what you’ll need. It’s possible a whole new piece of hacking hardware will be needed that you’ll have to get in addition or instead of those two. For now, it’s probably a safe bet to buy the x360usb pro and the ck3i. If you’re strapped for cash, you should probably just wait until c4eva cracks it and then see what’s really required so you don’t buy something you don’t need.

Hope that helps.