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slippers1 # Posted on 2012-12-21 at 04:20PM UTC

I think you missed what i ment .I can rip 10 retail back to back and only the 2 (so far) wont pass abgx360 . Does not matter what order i rip them i have rippend them a doz times if it was a week laser or bad rips ,others in the group wuld fail . That is not the case . I have had no problem till the 2.9 ver 400+ hit the net (or should i say when auto stelth checking came out of it) . I have had issues where the video crc was bad missing and i would need to get and Dl it to autofix but these new ‘Video_17C0C9EF.iso’ and Video_A2791CA8.iso are not out there like the rest of the oversized (not hosted files are)