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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-02 at 02:25PM UTC

my comments on the 3 points:

1: they only needed to reflash “regular” xbox owners once, so they all should be able to run xgd3 games now, why do it again?

2: i’m sure the firmware is designed to be undetectable by other means than what microsoft has already used before. in other words they would have to crack LT just as c4e cracked the original dash/drive firmware.

3: i believe this is the normal way to burn xgd3 games. i always have just used imgburn, so i pretty much do nothing different from before, just select the .dvd file and press some buttons, and it starts, when it’s done press some more buttons. there are just a few extra buttons now. as long as the layerbreak is correct in the .dvd everything is cake.