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jcb1973 # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 11:40AM UTC

I had 2 of my consoles get banned back in the oct/2009 ban wave that were on 1.61 the most current firmware at that time. I had a 3rd one that wasnt on much during that time, but unhooked it from the live once the other 2 got banned and it stayed offline until jan/2011. I decided to take it back online this past January. Went ahead and took it back to stock updated it to the newest dashboard and then flashed it with the newest lt plus firmware. Took it online right after and was banned as soon as I hooked it to live. Chances are if you were flagged back during that time and try to take it back on live you prolly will get banned. May or may not. That is just my experience.