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bhand # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 06:56PM UTC

Thank you people for your replies. I understand that it is a Russian roulette-like thing to go live now.

Other thing I did not mention was that There was another console recently banned, for what I have been learning lately, this banning to my console could have very well been as a result of the recent false (AP25) bans and subsequent reversal. That event was both shocking and weird in a funny way, I remember I was just attempting to enter Xbox live and suddenly !BAM! .this console has been …. bla bla bla. I didn’t kwnow a thing a month ago about modding or flashing etc. I still don’t know much aside from the ultra basics. But to share a nice experience with you people hoping someone would read this and perhaps be of any good to him, this is what I did.

Those three consoles I have been talking about are PHAT I realized that the banning wouldn’t have happened (at least not that easy) If I have had a way to do things myself considering the fact that there are people like you out there to guide and help in this matters and by the time this happened c4eva had indeed released a lt version which protected the console from being flagged.

So, I gave that third console away to a friend.

I was so upset that, from his house I went directly to Best Buy and acquired my first Slim Xbox and Gears 3 game. (upset because all my attempts to reach the “tech guy” and have my consoles updated were futile, this should give you and idea of how recent these events occurred and how much new I am on this)

Once at home, I hooked the new Xbox to Live and I found that my gamer tag or Xbox-live profile was not affected and still in good standing.

Next day I went and look fot the “tech guy” and the humilliating part (this is the reason I write this and really hope to encourage someone “”although maybe if that person comes this far to read this in this forum it is indicative that needs no encouraging at all but on the contrary is here to give some good advice not seek one“” The bad side of this or to give you people a better picture is that I would have liked to have a video cam so I could show well to you guys the “I am God attitude” this guy assumes towards everyone who needs his help. Just try to picture the ridiculous DIVA attitude an almost unknown actor assumes when he is lucky enough to be approached by someone and ask for an autograph.

Well he was not in the mood to do anything that afternoon although he does it for good money, and my two remaining PHAT consoles, my dismay or frustration and I, returned home.

(I forgot to mention that the new rig, the Slim one remains untouched so far)

So what did I do?, I started to use the brain for the fist time and !there it is! I discovered that C4E and people like you exist. That Jungle flasher exists!, that you guys have just released the Lt 2.0 firmware for the consoles !, etc.
So in really no time I had both my remaining Phat rigs re-flashed back to stock, upgraded to latest dashboard version and then upgraded to Lt 2.0, (I was screwing up with the first drive and thanks to Jungle flasher’s team on line on irc for guidance and assistance I solved the prob or recovered from it)

Where am I now ?, I am trying to be as helpful as I can, donated Jungle-flasher via Paypal, I managed to find and bought a new Lite on DVD writer iHAS 224B, used the iXtreme Burner MAX firmware V1.0 for Liteon iHAS drives. Now my only problem is the bunch of coasters I am generating when trying to burn the XGD3 games with no verification errors which now I found out HERE, it is a media problem.

I will still have that problem until I find a way around because I can’t get Verbatim media around here nowhere (unbelievable).

My next step? I will find out how to open the Slim Console, figure out what DVD brand or type it runs, and if model is right. FLASH it !.

I would take the BenQ drive out of the already banned console, flash it with LT 0800 v3.0, and use it to create my own backups.

In general, I guess the whole point here is to say all this to you as a weird manner to pay tribute to you both richy76, and you jcb1973, and c4eva and many others I am sure now did not post any comment to my question because they saw it was allready answered, so Thank you guys really for your so much clear answer to my original concern and for responding.