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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-22 at 06:55PM UTC

i’m pretty sure you will need an adapter or enclosure to get power to the drive. i found some esata to sata cables (not an adapter) but it only connects to the data port on the drive.

all those dvd drives are the same. you can flash 124 to be 324 or 524, and vice versa. same with 224, 424, and 624. they are the same hardware, just different firmware versions flashed to them. the even numbers have lightscribe and the odd numbers (ones you linked to) do not.

the last one (524) doesn’t specify B model, so i would be careful with that. also some places list it as a B but you might end up getting a C if they ran out of Bs. personally i would order the first one (124) since it’s cheapest and you can just upgrade that to a 524 if you want the extra features (which are listed on the front page of this website.)

if you want to be certain, i would order one that says “ixtreme burner max compatible” here are a few links:
(just says in stock, but no idea how many are left.)
(they only have 6 at the moment. they were out of stock before, and probably will be out again soon.)