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BerserkLeon # Posted on 2012-03-26 at 04:52AM UTC

what he said, eSATA doesn’t Ever supply power, its only for data. You’ll still need to either power it from a desktop, get a wall -> SATA power supply (do they make those?) or get an enclosure.
eSATA never really took off too much from what I understand, since USB3.0 came out not too long after it.
I’d suggest either The Vantec NexStar DX or The BYTECC ME-535U3. As they seem to have good reviews.
I have some “maccally” brand one which is now unavailable. But Honestly any SATA->USB adapter should work if it supplies 12 volts to the drive. Just that the enclosures that are only for hard drives wont ‘fit’ the drive. You can still usually take the PCB out of the enclosure and just plug it into the back of the drive and that should work… but for ease of setup I bought a 5.25″ enclosure.