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QuickMythril # Posted on 2014-10-16 at 10:24PM UTC

Ground Zeroes is XGD2 (8.5 GB iso) and can be burned to a normal dual layer DVD with any burner and mostly and DVD brand. FIFA 15 is XGD3 (8.7 GB iso) and can only be overburned with certain burners and discs.

i’ve never heard of Traxdata discs, but it is suggested to use Verbatim brand (Disc ID MKM-001 or -003). i have tried using other brands of disc for XGD3 and they usually fail. the best way to tell is try to install the game to the xbox 360 hard drive from the dashboard. usually it will fail around 50% because that is where the data reaches the edge of the disc before switching to the second layer. most discs cannot handle the data being burned that far out to the edge.

as far as the TSSTcorp SN-208BB burner goes, that is a Samsung burner. not sure how compatible it is with burnermax. did you flash the burnermax firmware to it, or are you using the burnermax payload tool? have you ever successfully burned any other XGD3 games? when burning FIFA 15 did you get a message saying burn failed after 97%, or did it go all the way to 100%?