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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-20 at 12:13AM UTC

oh yeah i’ve used memorex (since it’s the only thing any place around here carries, after my target stopped selling sony discs) for plenty of xgd2s. in fact i just bought some the other day. however for xgd3, my first burn failed imgburn verification halfway and my second burn failed burning halfway. that was the end of memorex xgd3 for me. also frustrating is the fact that samsung drives always seem to have trouble reading memorex discs. i’ve even had people whose laser was failing and they could read most discs but memorex would get mixed media disc or open tray, at least until i calibrated their laser to have a bit more power (a fix which doesn’t last forever.)

the extra data is basically up to the developers to decide what to do with. microsoft basically changed the way xgd3 games store the security info and it freed up some space for the game data, but as i’m sure you’ve seen, not all games use up all the space on a disc. some install to 2 gb while some go all the way to 6.8 or so. now i’ve seen them install up to about 7.6 i believe. so for the games that install less the extra space is basically just filler data, but that doesn’t mean every disc will be. the ixtreme burner max firmware basically allows the ihas drive to sort of overburn all the way to the edge of the disc, so all the data is there. i know gaming is less of a priority in life and money has to go to other places, but really $20 isn’t much to spend on a drive. they purposely chose a cheap and widely available model in addition to it being easy for him to modify. i mean since you are playing backups now you don’t have to rebuy all those games when they get all scratched up, so you have some money saved from that. when you can get an ihas it’s a worthy investment.

sorry i just usually try to keep quiet around here unless i have an easy answer to someone’s question. but this new issue has brought out plenty of people who actually are idiots (i mean all they do is shoot each other all day long over and over. where’s the fun in that? you never complete any sort of story or anything, how boring.) reading all these posts saying “duhr c4e make new fw now!” it sort of puts me into rant mode and i go around replying to all the posts in a frenzy. i think the main thing that set me off was that you said EXACT, which is kind of untrue, since you are burning truncated and krusty was not. who knows why the discs are failing, we’d need a xbox running a debugger or something. anyway you seem like an intelligent and nice person (you didn’t just respond with angry cursing), so i wholeheartedly apologize for the way i responded to you.