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rpg500e # Posted on 2011-11-19 at 11:00PM UTC

I wouldn’t quite say junk discs; Gone through something like 30 (xgd2) with no issues. As to the burning method, yes I know I have no lite-on and therefore am forced to truncate 3-4% of the data, it logically follows that this missing data MAY cause a problem. The thing is that I was under the impression that this method was at least semi-verified as working, (not sure by who) but everyone’s doing it and apparently mostly with good results.

I could easily be wrong, and I do understand the IHAS burner MAX firmware is the most correct method, but the fact remains that the new XGD3 disks have more capacity than any standard DL. Even this firmware cant change that and must circumvent this another way. I was assuming the extra data Microsoft is packing in now was just junk data and that’s why these truncate burns were working for people.

I investigated more and its seeming these truncated burns are a sort of hit and miss thing, and during the game people may still have issues. What this says is the extra data a std. DL is missing varies from game to game and is therefore not just cushioning. So yes, I got lucky with the other games, and yes the truncate method may not be optimal (hit and miss) and therefore not even endorsed by c4 (may have seen something about that, but wasn’t sure of the reference). But damn, blame me for trying to use what I’ve got! We cant all go out and just buy new stuff just on a whim…

Lastly, I know what it’s like to assume everyone other than you is an idiot, but c’mon man! Don’t jump all over me right away. I’m not an idiot. Though I’ll admit I lacked a bit of research on this truncate method… K thnx.