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wc878 # Posted on 2011-12-29 at 01:38PM UTC

@infamous kinect sports season 2 is a xdg2 game of course it will work.
@QuickMythril once again all you are saying is that it should work but you havent given me anything to go on as to why it wouldnt work, its easy to say it should work, it should work, but you cant give a reason as to why its not working. I have the ihas burner, its set for calculate optimal, i flashed to 3.0 with no errors, plays xgd2 discs fine, the universal patch process is not hard follow. Once again i said battlefield 3 worked but MW3 didnt, so what else could it be? if you dont have a suggestion, then dont say anything, just stay quiet and go to someone else’s post. oh and by system i mean xbox, duh. how else can you explain a person who has 2 lite on’s and the it works on one xbox but not the other, you cant, so just be quiet.