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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-28 at 09:00AM UTC

the “universal” patch is for all XGD3 games with profile ID: 0C3DF524599094E6CB87ECC8-F87A804E

which just so happens to be every XGD3 released so far, except for the halo reach beta. (you can see this with the games listed under number 48 at however there are some released games that are not yet on this list, for example Assassin’s Creed Revelations.)

there is also a second patch for XGD2 reach, black ops, and modern warfare 2.

future XGD3 games will have a different disc profile id and will not work with the first XGD3 patch, and the other 3 XGD2 games (hot pursuit, fable 3, and AC brotherhood) do not have median .bin patches released yet.

the median patches are averages of the topology data from many repeat rips, which makes them more accurate than other user generated patches. the official release of these patches is listed at the following link, the second link has more information:

wc878: “It should be noted that the universal patch does work for all systems. the individual patches do” are you trying to say that the universal patch does NOT work for all systems, that is wrong. people are just doing something wrong. they have spent a lot of time to make these patches right, and have done a lot of testing. you have to be doing something wrong.

electricsway: obviously you don’t know what you are doing. there is no reason to patch madden, it’s not even an ap2.5 active title… maybe you should let someone do it for you next time.

stalker: either find a patch made by someone, make a patch yourself from the original, or wait for the team to make their median .bin patch