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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-27 at 09:38PM UTC

if you have an iso that isn’t truncated, then patching it using xbc and the correct bin file should work fine. there is one bin file for halo reach, black ops, and modern warfare 2 (3 of the 6 ap2.5 xgd2 games), and there is one topology for all the xgd3 games released up to this point. the dvd file should have nothing to do with it as long as your layerbreak is correct. maybe you could give some more info on exactly what the discs do and which games you burned. what brand of discs are you using? it works for everyone else, so there is no way it would be the topology patches, as long as you got them from a good source. someone has said there are blank topology patches floating around that will not work. the median ones from the firmware team are best because they are the average reading made from a bunch of different rips, so they’d be more accurate than patches made from just a few passes.