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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 06:59PM UTC

u post here did u not see that this post is for the admin of the site it is a request. u managed to come back here and u still havent seen all the other post. there is one i made on the day of the update saying ur answer in the title in CAPS!! so go read and find ur answer. its been out there for years it hasnt changed and im sure someone has told u but u want someone to tell u its ok. well do as u wish but not answering u its here go find it. between this site and others have answered that question more then i care to count and its like the golden rule of modded fw when a sys update is concerned. sad thing is u dont even have to digg to find it. it seems u posted ur question and didnt look anywhere come back later and ur surprised know answer 4 u!! u didnt start this post its not titled anything to do with ur question . ru ______? u fill in the blank k. to all the rest who must read this . im sorry for the rant but this is is here on this site less then a 1000 post on 7 pages or so and cant find the answer. 4 god sakes.

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