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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 09:53PM UTC

i wish we could edit the topic titles, so people would know when they come here what to expect.

question for the admin and a bunch of other crap, aka waste of time.

to the eb992: this IS the place where you find answers. if you want to make another wiki, go to a wiki website and start making one. i’m sure if you tell people about it they will come and edit and help you.

to the shaharxx: do you know what TOPIC means? this thread is about the lovely question that eb992 has for the admin, it is not a place for your question. if you have a NEW question, then make a NEW topic, but FIRST PLEASE PLEASE read EVERYTHING else first, because no one likes to answer a question when the answer is already written nearby. try reading here first: