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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-11-05 at 04:09AM UTC

hello, firstly the dash does not get LT+ 3.0, that would be the firmware on your dvd drive. Sonic and Skyrim are XGD3 discs. that means they are 8.7 GB instead of 8.5 (those are XGD2 discs). there were 6 XGD2 titles that have additional security checks called AP2.5, which all XGD3 titles also contain. your best bet is to take all of your discs that you are unsure about, scan them with abgx360 (choose “burned dvd” in the dropdown at the top). if they say topology data is verified in green text then they should play just fine. if they say the topology data does not match or is invalid, rip the disc to an iso with imgburn, and scan the iso with abgx360. it should automatically patch the proper topology data. (this is info required to pass AP2.5 checks for any drive using LT+3.0) after you patch the iso you can burn it to a new disc and it should play just fine. keep in mind if you are burning an XGD3 title you will need to be using an ihas or other drive that is compatible and flashed with the ixtreme burner max fw (which allows the entire 8.7 GB image to be overburned onto a standard 8.5GB disc.) as for the disc that worked when you were asked to swap… it is possible that the AP2.5 check was not performed when switching the disc.