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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-20 at 09:18PM UTC

Took a little hunting to actually track down the 360 Flash Dump Tool v0.97 but I found it through xbox-scene.

So I have the three PC-side tools downloaded (360 Flash Dump Tool v0.97, 360 Multi Builder v0.7 and Coolshrimp’s JTAG Tool v4.25). I am going to need to borrow a multi-meter from work on Thursday because I don’t have one.

I have a fine-tip solder bit that came with my iron years ago, but looking at the solder points it seems as though I should probably use a precision-tip bit for some places. I wonder how much Radio Shack sells just the precision-tip bits for their 15w iron… I need to get one either way, a co-worker wants me to install a ModBo 4.0 in his old (original style) PlayStation 2 and that has 21 solder points with many that are on legs and literally right next to each other.

Ahh well, the soldering isn’t intimidating, I’ve done that for several years now. It’s just crucial to have the proper tools to properly solder (ie. precision-tip or fine-tip)