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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-31 at 12:52AM UTC

Hey Quick, it looks as though Multi Builder v0.7 has a 14699 folder in it instead of the 13604 so it looks like I won’t have much choice about updating my dash to the latest. I was concerned about the update rendering Lt+ 2.0 useless for XGD3′s due to the DAE.bin update (even though it doesn’t seem like my drive performs AP25) but then I realized, isn’t the RGH going to negate the necessity of Lt+ firmware?

If RGH’ing is going to allow me to play XGD3 regardless of what CFW/OFW I have, then I have no problem updating the dash. If it’s going to force me into waiting on Hitachi 3.0 I’d be searching desperately for an older Multi Builder that was designed for dash 13604.

I’m a bit late to get started, but having today (Friday) AND Monday off this weekend, I’m getting everything prepped to install. I’m just fixing up my laptop right now so I can do the computer-side of things with ease and avoid having to move the dismantled Xbox from room to room.

I guess I only have two questions for ya’ at this point;
Will the RGH allow XGD3 and older AP25 to run regardless of a DAE update? (IF my drive even performs the checks, which as we both know it doesn’t seem as though it does at this point) and..
Is there anything you would like from me after dumping my NAND? I wasn’t sure if you were interested in taking a look at what I get from this project, but since you were intrigued by my AC:B no AP25 test I thought maybe there was something more I could provide you after installing/dumping NAND and RGH’ing that could possibly shed some light on the nitty-gritty details of my system?

I would appreciate your thoughts/comments/suggestions.. either make a new post on here in response (I tend to overlook updates to posts, I always just check the last post), or you can simply drop me an email if you prefer: phrizzled [shift+2]