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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-31 at 03:14AM UTC

ugh.. I think I’m just going to use Multi Builder v0.4 since it utilizes the 13604 dash that I am on. Am I correct in thinking that Multi Builder is what builds the FreeBOOT, therefore whatever dash is in the data folder is what FreeBOOT will be based upon?

Everything after Multi Builder v0.4 uses the latest dash 14699, so hopefully I can follow the original tutorial exactly but use Builder v0.4 and stay on dash 13604 rather than the Builder v0.7 and update dash to 14699. The update that added the new Multi Builder in that tutorial was actually just recently updated on 12/20/2011 so I’m crossing my fingers that what I am planning will work. I’m bracing myself though, I have some serious doubts running through my head right about now =P