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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-31 at 09:08PM UTC

sorry i didn’t get back to you earlier. i was going to check my files on the other computer but it looks like you already found the multi builder for 13604. i’m pretty sure if you update the dash on a rgh/jtag you’d still need LT 3.0 to get the ap2.5 titles to boot. but that’s only if you try to load from disc, you could always copy them to an external drive or something. also in your situation, you seem to be immune to the ap checks, so i think if you update it will be fine. might as well wait for a game to require the new dash at this point. as long as you have you original nand dump backed up you can always build a 14699 dash and flash that to your nand using a usb drive. once you get it all wired up you shouldn’t have to open it again unless the coolrunner wires come loose. only thing i wanted to see, if you open up your nand with 360 flash tool, then go to settings and put in your cpu key, it will give you the dvd key and osig, etc. i was thinking maybe it would show something besides just hitachi 79 in the osig, but probably not.