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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-31 at 10:00PM UTC

Success =)

Used Multi Builder 0.4 like I mentioned to build the 13604 dash, everything went as expected. Installed the CoolRunner, booted up into Xell Reloaded, I wrote down the cdkey and created the Freeboot image then flashed that. Currently running NXE and just installed XeXMenu. I’m still kind of exploring what all exactly this thing does aside from giving me a fun project the past 24 hours lol Was surprised everything worked without a hitch after reading the “glitching a Zephyr is heroic” from the tutorial; I’m certainly no hero, I can just follow steps and I’m capable of soldering nearly anything hah

I will open my Nand in 360 Flash Tool as you suggested and report back what it tells me. Perhaps there will be something in there that is useful/interesting.