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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-10 at 04:24AM UTC

just what i listed, as long as the nand-x you get is already version 3. which they say on xconsoles that the ones they ship are. the ck3 pro (or ck3i) would just be used to update the nand-x if it’s version 2 (if you buy the extra cable), so you won’t need that. i only had problems because i ordered my nand-x from divineo and they can’t be bothered to update their nand-x stock. my fault for not reading where it said “compatible with nandpro v2.0e”

it seems like they are always coming out with new versions, new models, new cables, to make everything easier. it also makes them money, but i guess if no one bought it, they wouldn’t be able to make anything for us at all.

when your stuff arrives and you are ready to get down to business, let me know. i will show you the tutorial i found to be the clearest and most compatible for the team xecuter gear we are referring to. no youtube videos to watch or pdfs to download. nice clear pictures with each step.