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phrizz # Posted on 2012-01-05 at 12:02AM UTC

Well Quick, I’m in a bit of a pickle…as I mentioned in my most recent post prior to this.

FSD is just not my cup of tea. I simply like the FreeBoot NXE and using XeXMenu (and XM360 when necessary to unlock DLC) but the only way I can get back into FreeBoot dash is if I start up an XBLA game, then quit the game and “Go Back to Xbox Live Arcade”. Otherwise, if I try the center button on controller and goto Dash, it sends me to FSD, rebooting the system also sends me into FSD.

I need to uninstall FSD somehow…Please help if you can, just deleting it from Hdd1 won’t work since it re-wrote DashLaunch to auto-boot FSD, can I edit launch.ini so it boots back into FreeBoot by default? I don’t know the path FreeBoot was installed to originally and don’t see it when scanning through Hdd1 in order to edit my launch.ini. Ugh..

Do you have a launch.ini that would work for me? I’m totally pissed that I wasted my time with FSD, especially since it didn’t work…AT ALL…now my box is just screwed up and a PITA to get back into FreeBoot

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