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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-10 at 04:45AM UTC

Alright so I will just need the three items you listed then since xconsoles does indeed state their NAND-X is updated to version 3.

Everything comes to about $70 shipped with USPS Priority, which isn’t bad considering everything that comes with each item. Looks like I know what I’m getting myself for an early Christmas present to keep me busy on the boring weekends ;) I may even throw in the DVD Linker cables (power & SATA) since I expected to pay about $78 shipped originally anyway so I can modify the power cable as a backup to my completely homemade power cable project I posted in the “What happened to Hitachi 79 2.0″ thread a while back that I currently have hooked up to my BenQ ripping drive.

I hear ya about “new and improved” versions of nearly everything that comes out seemingly every couple of months. I do agree though, if it wasn’t worth buying then they wouldn’t make money and thus they would be unable to provide new future products that we will inevitably want. I suppose that is just capitalism at work.

Thanks again for the help my friend, I was definitely pretty lost before you pointed me in the right direction. Hopefully someday this place will have private messaging so we don’t have to rely on posting new threads if we want to get in touch with someone directly hah =P Time to lay down, I gotta work for a few hours in the AM, take it easy m8!

I will probably try to order them tomorrow or Monday so I can hopefully get to play with them next weekend. Either way, I’ll definitely let you know when they arrive =)

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