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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-20 at 08:08PM UTC

you can still do the rgh for an xbox on dash 14699. but until someone releases it, you still have to build a 13604 rgh dash anyway. however, as you said it’s not necessary until a new game requires it. i would just dump the 13604 nand, follow the tutorial, and then when someone releases a way to build a rgh dash with version 14699, you can just update to that using a usb drive if you want.

actually i just found this. if you stop the tutorial i gave you when you get to the part with putting files on the usb drive and booting to xell, then just use this tutorial and create 14699 files and put those on the usb drive.

also multi builder v0.7 is out also (newer than what’s posted in last link)