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phrizz # Posted on 2012-07-30 at 02:14AM UTC

I see what you’re talking about regarding the nandflash.bin and the updflash.bin.

After you finish MultiBuilder, it brings up a screen that says:
1. If you have Xell Reloaded & stand-alone Rawflash V4.
Rename the file “updflash.bin” to “nandflash.bin” then copy it with “xenon.elf” to the root of the USB drive then boot into Xell-Reloaded (using Eject) with the USB drive inserted.

2. If you have Xell Reloaded 0.991 with built-in Rawflash V4.
Copy the file “updflash.bin” to the root of the USB drive then boot into Xell-Reloaded (using Eject) with the USB drive inserted

So I will need to rename the file to nandflash.bin and use xenon.elf because that’s what I remember doing the first time around. I also need to snag the official System Update of Dash version 15574 so I can rename it and use it to update my Avatar Data right after the dash update.

Okay I’m pretty sure I got it figured out now, thanks man.

I stuck with 360 Multi Builder (v0.95a) that utilizes NXE 15574 Dash.

1. Put my Nand1.bin (renamed to nanddump.bin) and cpukey.txt in the “_my_Images” folder like instructed.
2. Opened up “360 Multi Builder_WinXP.exe” and selected my motherboard number (6, Zephyr).
3. Selected option #1 “Glitch Hack Image (CPLD Modchip required)” for Image Type
4. Selected option #1 again for Dashlaunch & FSD stuff
5. Waited to see “xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.” & the “press (enter) to quit…” – Press Enter
6. Go check the “_my_Images” folder from step #1, there should be a new file named “updflash.bin”
7. Rename “updflash.bin” to “nandflash.bin” then copy that & “xenon.elf” to the ROOT of a USB drive
8. Put the USB drive in the Xbox360 and boot Xell-Reloaded using the EJECT to power on