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phrizz # Posted on 2012-07-31 at 04:39PM UTC

Perfect, pretty sure I got `er all setup and ready to go. Everything started coming back to me when I started messing with 360 MultiBuilder. Got the newly created “updflash.bin”, renamed it to “nandflash.bin”, along with “xenon.elf” and put them on the root of my 2GB flash drive. Popped it in the first/bottom USB port on front of the console and booted up with the Eject button. Poof! Dash is now 15574 :) Now I just need to update the Avatar stuff with the official system software (renamed from $SystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate of course)

The latest version of Multi Builder (v0.95a I believe) is pretty nice besides the fact they changed to an installer instead of just unpacking the raw files. So everything ends up in your Program Files, I created a shortcut to it in my main X360 RGH & NAND folder. Otherwise, it’s pretty clean and self-explanatory now :)

Thanks for rushin’ to my rescue Quick lol – I’ve been downgrading PS3′s lately and got into that “scene” for a while; since I have both consoles (well, Wii too so all three) I’ll probly bounce back-n-forth now.