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phrizz # Posted on 2012-07-29 at 11:18PM UTC

Ah I was using an old J-Runner, it was throwing up connection error upon start up so it wasn’t downloading anything.

Anyway, with the latest J-Runner I loaded a nand.bin, cpukey was detected from database, and I was finally able to Add Dash but the “Retail – Glitch – Jtag” were grayed out after adding 15574. So I said screw it and clicked Create Image button, success. I restarted J-Runner, loaded my original nand.bin again and the Dash Version was already selected and I can pick between Retail or Glitch, and RGH or RGH2. Obviously I want Glitch for the first option, but what is this RGH2??

Also, J-Runner says to copy ‘xenon.elf’ and ‘nandflash.bin’ from J-RunnerConsoleSerial# to the root of a USB drive and boot using Eject…but the only files I have are:

No xenon.elf, can I use the one from 360 Multi Builder or something?