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phrizz # Posted on 2012-07-30 at 12:09AM UTC

blah, can’t seem to figure out whether or not the nanddump file is being created properly. In J-Runner, after loading a nand bin, Patch 0 shows 15574 and Patch 1 shows nothing when created using J-Runner, when using Multi Builder I get Patch 0 at 12625 and Patch 1 at 13604.

So I figured the newly patched file would show something like Patch 0 at 13604 and Patch 1 at 15574 or something like that. Now I have no idea which one to use. All I wanna do is upgrade my damn NXE Dash, from 13604 to 15574 but can’t tell if I’m creating the Glitched NAND bin correctly :/

Been outta’ the scene too meee!