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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-07-30 at 12:57AM UTC

your file should be called nandflash.bin not nanddump.bin that you need to put on the usb drive. and yeah you can use the xenon.elf from multibuilder. for some reason i was thinking it is supposed to be named updflash.bin, but that may have been an older method or just an alternate name now.

nandflash.bin and xenon.elf on the usb drive and boot with the eject button is all you need. rgh2 is if you have a phat console that is already stock updated past 14699, but yours is not. you just have a 14699 image on there, so you are still using rgh1, which has better boot times than rgh2. so i would suggest just using your files from multibuilder to make sure you don’t flash the wrong file or a bad image from j-runner. if you mess something up then you will have to open the xbox again and flash using the nand-x or other device directly wired up.