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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-10 at 04:03AM UTC

i don’t think you need that bundle. you can get the coolrunner by itself for $20. the qsb kit already comes with the nand-x so you would end up with duplicates of that. the capacitor comes with the $20 coolrunner and that is “for problem Jaspers” anyway. and the two cables are just for power and data to program the coolrunner. but if you buy the nand-x you can just use that to program it as long as you get the nand-x to coolrunner cable (which is what was out of stock when i ordered, but it says they have 357 of them now. so if you buy these intead of the bundle:

along with the nand-x:

it will save you $8, plus it will be an easier way to program the coolrunner than using LPT.