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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 11:11AM UTC

ixtreme burner max tut.pdf

jf tut 1.4.4pdf

ihas clones and crossflashing tut


latest jungle flasher and dosflash 16 & 32 with tut

hdd apps and bins for hdd upgrade

new xbox backup creator with dae.bin and the missing file to make xbmc work

usb360pro and ck3 drivers also update tool for usb360pro

all lt+ fw packs

old but still use sometimes slax disc image
for getting hitachis in mode b with via 6421

via 6421 drivers

burner max fw apps and tut

latest imageburn released 10-04-11

clonecd with crack final

all links uploaded by me they r safe if u dont trust dont download or run scan this is everything u would need to get started all in one place hope this helps sum of u